About GEM

       GEM OF DOLL is a brand belonging to GEM Cultural Development Company.

       It was founded in the beginning of 2011. From then on, in terms of dolls’ One of the most original companies in China‘ and ‘Noble doll’, being deeply loved by fans all over the world.

A brief history  


Studio was established


The release of  1/8 and 1/6 dolls marks the formal transformation of GEM from a studio into a company.


 In the Spring feltavel of 2014,GEM OF DOLL launched the Science fiction theme style ——Mars Robbery .

This is the first style in the  BJD .Gray Skin doll N11,Green Skin doll Kira ,Doctor Chosen ,Tan skin Howell and Rose will Guard Mars .This series of dolls are loved by fans at home and abroad.


GEM OF DOLL released 1/4 dolls——Tsing Hua and Fa Lang.Embossed body and Chinese style painting fully show the strength of GEM OF DOLL.


GEM OF Doll released a series dolls——Lost Monuments


Rap of GEM  released in the Nov 11th,2017 .It is the first free style in the BJD GROUP.


About doll size:

-1/3 dolls (57-63cm)   

-1/4 dolls(40-45cm)

-1/6 dolls(27-30cm)

-1/8 dolls(17cm)

About color skin:

-Normal white

-Normal yellow

-Normal pink

-Tan skin

-Gray skin

-Green skin 

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