Making time

Hello dear,

Thank you for loving GEM of Doll,here is the doll's making time and we think you can know it.

If you want to get it earlier such that  it's your birth gifts,you must let us know it.

Normal skin (white , yellow and pink)

-Nude doll:   30-45 Days(1-2 month)

-Nude doll with face up:  45-60 Days(1-2 month)

-Fullset: 45-75 Days (2-3 month)

Other skin (Green,Tan and Gray)

-Nude doll:   45-60 Days(1-2 month)

-Nude doll with face up:  60-75 Days  (2-3 month)

-Fullset: 60-90 Days (3 month)

Parts(clothing ,shoes, head)

about 1-30 Days 

Thank you for your patience for watching the making time notice.

Happy shopping.

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