How to register

How to register

  1.   You can visit .

  2.   You can click on the User icon and choose REGISTER in the at the top right of the site.You can see the following picture.


    3.  And then you will see the CREATE AN ACCOUNT .Now you can only choose MAIL to register.

        There have some notices

      ①用户名  it is your user name,you can write it like Carolwhite,but User name cannot have spaces 

    such as Carol white is Incorrect.

      ②邮箱  it is your e-mail 

      ③密码  it is your password

      ④再次输入密码 it is also your password,you can write the same password for confirming

      ⑤Phone: Write your Tel

      When you write all things is okay(*可以注册will be shown in the right),you can Click on REGISTER .

4. When you chect the doll out,you can write detail like this.Click on Submit and go to the next page.

5.Click on  提交订单 and pay it.


 And then you can click on : to pay your payments

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